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Package Labeling

The packaging industry is continuously developing new and different methods to draw attention to and identify packaged products.   PCPC employs the Silk Screen Printing and Slip-On Sleeve (Heat Tunnel) for our labeling and decorating. However, as with your container, it is your responsibility to research and specify the label that will perform under the conditions to which the package will be subjected.


  • Silk Screen Printing - Labeling imprinted directly on the container - popular for plastic and glass

Silk Screening is a technique that is well established in the labeling industry. A silk stencil is made from artwork supplied by the customer using a photographic technique to transfer the image. The image on the silk is a reverse image which allows ink through the silk to print the artwork. The plain area of the design is blocked by a solid area on the silk. In essence, the absence and presence of solids on the open mesh or screen allow the inks to pass through to the container.  We can use conventional inks or the Ultra-violet ink for faster drying time.


  • Slip-On Sleeve Labeling (Heat tunnel) -Labeling added to the container

This is a plastic polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP sleeve that can be applied by hand or automated equipment which slips the sleeve onto the container and then enters a heat tunnel. Sleeve Labeling is a cost effective method if you can use the same size label for several different products